Our Plumbing Services

Hot water cylinders

Thinking of upgrading to a mains pressure cylinder?
Perhaps your existing cylinder needs some TLC?
Let us take a look and advise you of the best way forward for your hot water needs.



Bathroom, kitchen and laundry renovations…all will need a plumber to disconnect plumbing, pipe out, fit off and if required supply all finishing fixtures. We are more than happy to arrange the shower liner and glass installation to coincide with our work.
We also work alongside some experienced builders, electricians and tilers that we can recommend so the entire renovation runs smoothly with a team of great tradesmen.


Watermain repairs and replacements

Do you have a constant leak near your watermain? Or has your water bill been slowly increasing? You may need to repair your watermain, or may opt to replace it entirely, for less maintenance in the long run.

Drain unblocking

Sometime’s a plunger just doesn’t cut it.
Let us get that drain unblocked for you. And if we can’t, we’ll arrange a camera to head in and see what is going on. 

New Builds

Send us the plans for your upcoming new build and we’ll happily quote all plumbing work required.

Spouting and Downpipe repairs and replacement

We can repair problematic areas of guttering for you, or install brand new guttering around your entire property.
We use Marley products.


Maintenance and repairs

Whether it’s residential or commercial, we can help you with all your plumbing maintenance and repairs.